Nothing captures the imagery of hope quite like a flower growing through the cracks of concrete. A flower is viewed as frail and weak, nothing more than a symbol of beauty. Concrete on the other hand is strong and sturdy, the material that has excelled mankind throughout our history. And yet, even with this immovable force suppressing this dainty little thing, it is able to grow. It is able to live, because life, no matter the circumstances, finds a way. This flower has been molded by the hands of nature, and no man-made structure can stop that power of persistence that lies dormant inside every living creature.

The flower teaches us that beautiful things can be born from broken places.

This is part of the inspiration of Stone Flower.

This restaurant has risen through the cracks of the concrete that was laid out, and it would not have been able to grow without the people that have supported us for the past two years. Thank you, you are all included in this story now.

Stone Flower is a safe, creative space that allows us to learn, teach and grow individually and as a team. It represents the beauty that life can bring through resiliency and we would love nothing more than to welcome you as our guest for this exciting new journey.

~Stone Flower Team